Seeking Trees, Logs, Timber, and Other...

I am constantly on the look out for trees that need to be turned into lumber rather than end up some other place.

I am not looking to see any healthy trees removed for the sole purpose of creating lumber.  I do “reclaimed”, “rescued”, “green”, and “salvaged” wood only.

If you have a tree or trees that are down or you are going to have taken down, let me know.

You can ask some questions of your tree and help determine if it contains quality lumber:

  • Is the trunk fairly straight and at least 8 feet long before the first major branches?
  • Is the trunk at least 18 inches or more in diameter (distance through the trunk from bark to bark)
  • Is the tree Cedar, Redwood, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, or some other type of broadleaf tree?
  • Are you pretty sure the tree doesn’t contain foreign materials such as metal (nails etc), glass, concrete, etc?

If you answered yes to most of these, then portions of the tree should probably become lumber rather than firewood or barkdust.

The process of converting a tree or log to lumber is not inexpensive when all the costs are added together. I am a very small operation and this endeavor is a passion of mine, but cannot consume large amount of resources.  All of this means that I typically don’t pay a lot of money for logs. I can’t afford to invest a bunch of money in every log, and I have found that there are enough logs out there and enough people sympathetic to this cause to keep me busy.

If you have a tree or know where one is, then give me a call or email

If you are interested in what I am doing and have questions or comments (nice) then give me a call or email