The Kiln

I couldn’t find a way to get my milled wood dried to the appropriate moisture content for high quality indoor projects.  I looked around a lot, and finally decided that I and Portland needed a small scale dehumidification dry kiln.

The beauty of this type of kiln is that it is very energy efficient and there are no emissions other than the water that comes out of the wood.  

I looked into solar kilns at length, but in this climate and especially on my property, the drying capabilities would have been limited to only a couple of months a year.

My kiln is a Nyle L200 placed in a custom built chamber.  The chamber was constructed largely in accordance with the excellent blue prints supplied by Nyle.  The ceiling has a insulation R-Value in excess of R51 and the walls have an R-Value in excess of R34. The chamber is as air tight as I could get it.  All protrusions have been sealed, as well as all joins.