Welcome to Urban Hardwood Recovery.

Our business is about recovering wood that would otherwise have been burned up, chipped up, or thrown in landfills and turning it into high quality lumber for end users in the Portland area.

We specialize in hardwoods indigenous to Oregon such as oak, cherry, maple, and fruit woods, burls, and specialty stock. We do work with some soft woods, most notably the cedars.

We are acting locally to make better use of underutilized resources in order to benefit:

The environment locally and globally - Every log we mill, dry, and use is one less tree that is cut down somewhere else.

The craftsperson - Through high quality lumber offered at low prices.

The land owner - Often landowners are faced with a disposal problem when a tree is downed on their property. We offer an alternative to paying disposal fees.

The community - Log recovery very often turns into a neighborhood or community event. Neighbors sometimes meet neighbors for the first time.

The local economy - This wood is from here, sawn here, and dried here. All the dollars stay here.

Please read through the information on the about me page and familiarize yourself a bit more with the purpose of this business, and how it is different from others.

Let me know if you have any questions, and enjoy your stay.

If you are interested in what I am doing and have questions or comments then give me a call or email.